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How long can my sailing cruise be? 
All cruises are “live aboard”. The shortest cruise is a three day minimum. The cruise itinerary for three and four day trips is the Florida Keys. You will need to plan at least a five day minimum itinerary for the Bimini adventure (for those more experienced).
Where do I meet the boat for embarkation/disembarkation? What time?
“Sunday Morning” will be moored at Dinner Key Marina, Miami (Coconut Grove), FloridaClick here for map.  You will meet Capt Jennifer at the Marina office, located between piers 5 & 6. If you are on a three or four day itinerary, we meet at 10:00 am; for five or more days, we meet at 12 noon. We plan to return to the dock between 4:00 pm & 5:00 pm on the last day of your itinerary. Please do not plan a flight departure any earlier than 7:00 pm, if possible. 
What airport should I fly into?
Miami International Airport is the closest airport, only 7 miles from the marina.  A taxi ride to Coconut Grove usually runs about $25 one way. 
Is there parking available during my cruise?
Yes, parking is available and there is no charge.
If I fly in the day before my cruise, where can I stay?
If you fly in early the day before, I recommend you stay in a hotel in the Coconut Grove area. This is very close to the marina. Coconut Grove offers waterfront hotel accommodations, great shopping, and numerous restaurants & bars to choose from. Here are some hotel links…

What do I need to bring on my sailing cruise?
Download your packing checklist below..


Packing Checklist (pdf file)

What will the weather be like during my cruise?
One of the best features of sailing in South Florida is the year round predictable weather and consistent breezes…
Winter months (December-March): Daytime highs generally 70’s-80’s (deg F) and nighttime lows generally 60’s. Cold fronts frequent the area bringing cooler weather to the region and temperatures may drop below normal. Winds and seas become greater during passage of fronts, although most of our sailing is in the protected waters of the Bays/Sounds of the Florida Keys, where the seas stay relatively calm. Generally this is the “dry” season, although frontal passages can sometimes bring Thunderstorms and rain, which pass through rather quickly.
Spring months (April-May): Daytime highs generally 80’s-90’s with nighttime lows generally 60’s-70’s. Cold fronts try to pass through, but usually stall before reaching South Florida. Daytime winds usually associated with an afternoon sea breeze; evenings are cooler, sometimes producing westerly land breezes. This is still the “dry” season.
Summer months (June-September): Daytime highs generally mid to high 90’s with high humidity and nighttime lows generally 80’s. Daytime weather cycle dictated by land heating with afternoon sea breezes and scattered showers & short lived Thunderstorms. Although this is our “wet” season, we almost always have sunshine mixed with showers every afternoon. Of course this time of year is also part of the official hurricane season; August & September are usually the months we really need to keep an eye on. 
Autumn months (October-November): Daytime highs generally high 80’s, low 90’s, nighttime temps in the 70’s-80’s. Daytime weather dictated by land heating, as well as cold fronts attempting to reach South Florida, bringing cooler, dryer air temps. These months are still part of the official hurricane season.

Will we be anchoring or mooring at night, or do we have the opportunity to stay at a dock overnight?
There are docking facilities in the Florida Keys in Key Largo and Islamorada. Between Miami and Key Largo, you can count on anchoring for the night in BiscayneNationalPark and/or Card Sound. Docking facilities would be available as soon as the second night out, if desired (this, of course, depends upon weather conditions, and your overall itinerary). 
If you are more experienced and would like to sail to the Bimini Islands, we are required to dock in Alicetown, North Bimini as soon as we arrive to clear customs & immigration*, so you will need to count on at least one night’s stay dockside in Bimini.       * (see info on customs/immigration)
What is the cost of anchoring or staying at a dock overnight? 
Anchoring in the Florida Keys and Bahamas is generally free. Transient overnight dockage ranges in cost in the Florida Keys from $1.50-$3.00/foot/night. This price includes electric hookup and water. Dockage in Bimini is comparable or less.
What is involved with customs & immigration for the Bimini itinerary?The Bahamas is an independent country and requires visiting yachtsman to clear in with the customs & immigration officials. All persons aboard will need a passport. The cost for clearance is $150 (for a 35 foot boat; $300 for over 35 feet), which must be in the form of cash only. The fee includes the first four persons. After that, it is $15/person.
Will I be able to bring alcoholic beverages?
Yes you may bring alcoholic beverages. There are a few stores close by Dinner Key Marina to purchase beer, wine and liquor.
What are some recommended reading resources for sailing theory and terminology that may help me learn to sail?
The Annapolis Book of Seamanship by John Rousmaniere
Sailing Fundamentals by Gary Jobson